Your employee onboarding starts on day one? You’re doing it wrong. Here’s why…

Waiting until the first day is a massive missed opportunity

Once your candidates accept your offer and sign on the dotted line, you have a huge opportunity to engage with them and give them a proper lead in to their start date. Not taking advantage of this opportunity is a big mistake. Even a one month notice period is 30 days in which you could be building a relationship with that person, and allow them to be building relationships with other new starters. The alternative is just to leave them to their own devices, but can you afford to take that risk?

Your candidates are still looking at other opportunities

Just because a candidate has accepted your offer, it doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal. They will have been active in the market whilst looking for a job, and those other opportunities won’t just disappear because they have accepted a role. In fact, other recruiters will be working hard to entice them away, because an active candidate is a walking fee in the eyes of a recruiter.

Recruiters know that good people are only on the market once in a while and they’ll be putting in extra effort to get those people to consider opportunities with their own clients. Etiquette and decency don’t enter into it, there is a war for talent and if someone is on the market then they are fair game. You have to lock them in to your role using every means possible.

Candidates are craving attention following the recruitment process

The recruitment process is like any sales process, or looking at it another way, it’s the beginning of a relationship. You put all the effort in to attract the candidate to your business, you show them lots of love during the process, then when they agree to join, silence. For a month, three months or sometimes longer, there’s nothing.

Then the person starts, hopefully, and you have to pick up where you left off. Think about it though, you could be keeping that relationship going, strengthening it, during the notice period. There should be no period of silence, no putting things on hold, just a consistent and constant dialogue during which you are further convincing the candidate that they made the right choice in accepting your offer.

New starters could be learning whilst they are working their notice

Your new starters are craving knowledge, so give it to them! They are intrigued about the company they are joining and want to know more. Of course they can go on your website and have a look but you have an opportunity to impart real learning that will keep your new starters satisfied and make them more effective when they start.

Engaged employees are more productive employees

There’s plenty of evidence out there to show that disengaged employees are a drain on resources and money. With a proper onboarding process, you can start off with the highest engagement levels possible. When you think the alternative is, well, nothing, then it starts to make sense. You can avoid the period that we all recognise from starting a new role, where our first few weeks are about finding our way and not quite feeling part of things. Again that’s a key time for people to be poached away. Onboarding gets people over that feeling much more quickly, sometimes even before their first day.

Protect your investment in recruitment fees

You’ve spent a lot of money recruiting the person and getting to offer and acceptance stage. Isn’t it worth ensuring that the person is fully engaged and less likely to be tempted away? Not to mention the increased productivity from day one because they are already in the swing of things.

Your new starters will thank you

New starters love to feel loved and that they are valued. Investing in an onboarding process will make them feel that they made the right choice in accepting your offer. From the point at which they accept the role, you can give them a login to a platform that contains everything they need to learn more about your company, your people and your culture. They can take training courses, learn about your products and even have a virtual tour of the office and meet the key people. It’s a powerful way to bring people along the journey towards their first day.

Our onboarding solutions are tailor made for you. From your company branding to your own bespoke versions of our onboarding modules, everything is put in place to ensure that your new starters are the most motivated and productive. Talk to us today about how we can help you.

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