Why Letting Random Managers Run Your Inductions Is A Terrible Idea

We previously shared how expensive it can be to source your new recruits – you can easily kiss goodbye to over £20k per recruit in the process.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – if you have done your job well, this will be a great investment in your organisation. It’s almost a given in an established organisation that part of ‘bedding-in’ will include a structured induction – particularly if recruitment is an ongoing process at scale.

Often being run over one or two full days, induction courses are one way of introducing your new recruits to the cultures, values and motivations within your company. Ideally there would be some pre-boarding, on a platform such as Onbrd. This bridges the gap in between acceptance and start date, keeping your new recruits engaged and excited during this typically quiet time. They can also learn a lot before they even walk through the door, thereby avoiding ‘first week overwhelm’ which is all too common as they are bombarded with new faces and processes leading to information overload.

This pre-boarding approach also makes the actual face-to-face elements of the induction much more meaningful because they’ll already know a lot of information about the company, and the new information they’ll learn will also make more sense.

In a busy organisation though, face-to-face inductions can tie up valuable knowledge and resources, as well as be vastly different in terms of quality, mainly because they are not always presented by people who know their subject. Managers are often hastily asked to present if someone else has more pressing client work to attend to that day.

Here are some other reasons why your inductions need proper planning and resourcing.

Depth of Knowledge Is Shallow

If you’ve needed to recruit for a specialised role in any way, your new candidate is likely to have a specific role and team they’re about to work within. There will definitely be questions in relation to their new role which a non-specific manager won’t be able to answer.

This would be okay for a few questions maximum, but any more than this and your new recruit will equate the lack of specific answers to a poorly run induction overall. Worst case scenario, they’ll tar the whole company with this brush as this will be part of their early impression of how things are done. Not a good start for your £20k+ investment.

The Branding Message Is Third Party

If you are outsourcing your face-to-face inductions, this could be detrimental towards the perception of your brand if the company you are using is not up to scratch. Conveying a message as someone who already lives and works within the culture of the brand, is a very different experience to learning the bullet points of it for a presentation.

Remember that your brand isn’t just your logos and mission statement. It’s your entire approach – it’s your company’s flag and how you all collectively fly it and someone else trying to fly it for you risks key values being lost in that process. They can only communicate their own version of it so you can only hope that their perception is correct, given that they will be part of your new recruit’s first impressions of your company. If you’re outsourcing the face-to-face element of your induction, choose carefully.

The Communication Of Core Values Is Diluted

The core values of your business are its cornerstones. You can teach people how to process their admin or make sure everyone is paid on time by payroll, but there is so much more to a business than its functional duties. This is the whole point of the induction days – to communicate to fresh employees the behaviours you’d like them to adopt.

Whether that’s for the business as a whole, or individual teams, there will be bespoke approaches which if learned well, will really facilitate your new faces fitting in. Put the wrong manager at the helm of that mission, one who doesn’t understand the objectives of the induction, and you’re seriously diluting the importance of these behavioural foundations.

You Can’t Replicate Your Passion

Think of your brand as a proud mum would think of her child. Bear with us here… Mum has nurtured her child, she’s worked out exactly what they need and what the family stands for. Fast forward a few years and the child is thriving and doing amazingly well at school – she’s super proud that all the love and effort are really paying off.

She’s been sharing with her close friends and family how much she adores her child and her passion is evident when she talks about them. Now imagine we’ve taken the mum out of the equation, and someone else is telling these stories. Will they bring the same passion? Will they care as much? Probably not, but with the right background information and appreciation for why the child is so special, they might be able to get close. If they’ve been pulled into the induction at the last minute without even knowing what they are there to achieve though, it’s going to fall flat.

As you can see, your company induction has a lot of pressure on it to get your new recruits off to a flying start. This is where Onbrd can really help. By tailoring your onboarding processes to fit your new recruits needs, you can be sure you know exactly what they are being trained on. And because Onbrd can cater for many different types of new starter in the same platform, you can keep complete control of the pre-boarding and induction phases.

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