Onboarding employees inconsistently will ruin your employer brand!

We’ve all been to those induction days. You know the ones. You turn up for ‘onboarding’ not knowing anyone and stand in a room with other people who are also starting their new job that day. You make small talk. You drink coffee. You wish you were somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Then the day starts. Presentations. Lots of them. Company history. Values. Products and services. Key people. Yawn. It’s too much information delivered in a boring and totally non-engaging way. You can tell that some of the speakers were pulled in at the last minute because others were too busy to turn up. You know that they are the ‘back-ups’ and they don’t really want to be there either. So there you are, in a room full of people who’d much rather be somewhere else

Does this describe your company’s ‘onboarding’ process? Sad isn’t it? The company seems to value new starters so little, that they stick them in a room for a whole day or several days and bombard them with content, much of it badly and inconsistently delivered, which makes them wonder why they joined in the first place. It’s an approach that needs to stop. Now.

What is onboarding anyway?

Onboarding is the process of bringing new employees into your company, so that you can start to realise a return on investment as quickly as possible. People sat around not producing are a drain on time and resources. You need to be able to get these people working enthusiastically and efficiently from day one, not after a week or two of ‘getting up to speed’. How many people are there in your organisation? 10? 50? 50,000? If you have 50 new starters each year and they all take at least a week (the real number is much higher) to get going properly, then that’s pretty much a full year of lost output. A year! What would it mean to you as a company if you could claw back just half of that?

Consistency is key

During the recruitment process, you’ve done your best to give the best possible candidate experience. Hopefully your employer brand is clear and consistent, it puts the same message out into the market and that’s reflected in your hiring practices, in interviews and other communications.

But what happens after a candidate accepts the role? Generally nothing. They get ignored. You might send a few emails, involve new starters in social events or even let them dial into team meetings, but it goes no further than that in most cases. The thing to realise is that this is the time of greatest risk. The candidate has been active on the market, talking to other companies. Do you think they just stop because they’ve accepted an offer? Even if they do decide not to pursue anything else, other recruiters will still phone them up and talk to them about other opportunities. There’s no moral code here, it’s about making a fee and recruiters don’t care that the candidate has accepted something else.

Consistency is critical. When the candidate turns up on their first day and gets a lacklustre set of presentations, all in different styles, delivered by people who haven’t properly prepared, it shows. It says to the candidate that they don’t really matter. The ideal would be to get the CEO to talk to all new starters but that’s impossible…or is it?

Onboarding done properly

With Onbrd, you get a bespoke onboarding platform, in your branding, with your messaging. We interview your CEO and record a professional video that all new starters will see. We gather information about team members, the company and the culture, and then we build the most beautiful and engaging experience for your new starters that they’ll love being a part of.

They don’t get this on the first day though, they don’t even get it in the first week. They get it way before then. As soon as the candidate accepts your offer, they get a login to your onboarding platform, where they are engaged, delighted and managed until their start date, and beyond.

The experience is consistent for every person. They work their way through modules designed to bring them up to speed before they join, so that on their first day they are ready to add value.

Online introductions

Your Onbrd platform is not just a collection of videos and PDFs though, far from it. This is eLearning designed by professionals who have worked for some of the world’s best and most demanding companies. Where knowledge must be transferred as quickly as possible and shown to have been a success. You’ll know, via your own admin portal, which of your new starters has commenced their onboarding and where they are in their journey. You can intervene if you think someone is disengaged, to understand why and to rectify the issue, saving thousands of pounds in the process in lost recruitment fees and time spent interviewing. No other platform offers this level of engagement and analytics.

Your platform also allows new starters to get to know each other before their first day. Each new starter has a profile and is encouraged to fill it out and to reach out to other new starters. Remember that first day standing around making small talk? That’s a thing of the past. Watch in awe as your new starters warmly greet each other as friends, not strangers. They’ve already been chatting online and have kept each other excited about the opportunity to join your company. They’ve done some of your job for you and they feel valued and cared for as a result.

More productive

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you use your platform. We’ll build it just the way you want. Some companies only want to keep engagement levels consistent between offer and acceptance, to avoid losing candidates, whereas some are looking for more than that. New starters can be trained on your systems and processes before they join, for example, so that they turn up and start work immediately with only minimal ‘on the job’ training. Think of the cost savings and the increased revenue from having a motivated and capable new starter and not having to take an experienced employee away from their revenue generating activities for hours or days.

Onbrd is the only solution that brings together platform and content to solve all the issues around employee onboarding.

Contact us today and take the first step towards making inconsistent and ineffective ‘inductions’ a thing of the past.

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