Here’s why onboarding your recruitment partners is a smart idea

To be clear from the outset, yes we are suggesting that you onboard your recruitment partners before they start working on your jobs. It might be something you’ve never considered, but it makes perfect sense when you think about what’s at stake, your company reputation. Read on to find out why this is something you should instigate now.

Your reputation is valuable and should be protected

When you contract with an external recruitment firm, you are effectively asking them to become an extension of your company’s brand. Everything they say and do from that point onwards is ultimately a reflection of your company, its brand and what it stands for.

How much time do you think recruiters spend researching your company, its culture and key messages? Probably not as much as you would like. As soon as recruiters start making calls to candidates, they will be talking about your company and trying to convince candidates that it’s a good idea to apply for your open roles. But where are they getting their key points from? Your website? Or do you provide a ‘cheat sheet’ so you can be sure that what is being said is correct and as you would like it? Your reputation needs to be protected and the only way to do that is to put all your recruitment partners through a ‘mini-induction’ so they are aware of what, and what not, to say.

You’ll get candidates more quickly

When your recruitment partners are fully informed about your brand, they can go out into the market with confidence knowing that they’re giving out the right signals and pushing candidates’ hot buttons with the right information. You can leave recruiters to find this information out through trial and error, but why leave it to chance when you can take control and make sure that they are well informed and ready to get out there?

Forcing your recruiters to find out for themselves will only lead to longer ‘time to competency’ which means the flow of candidates will take longer to materialise.

Candidates will be a better fit from the outset

There’s always a period of ‘bedding in’ with a new supplier relationship, when they are testing the water and sending a range of candidates to find out what will stick and what won’t. This process can be shortened drastically if your recruiters are properly onboarded before they go out to market.

Using a structured onboarding approach, you can describe your ideal candidates and demonstrate this through interactive content that will really get the recruiters engaged and educated on what to look for. You could even include interviews with some of your top performers so that they can tell their own story and give a sense of the skills and attributes needed for success at your company.

Your candidates will have a better experience

Remember we said at the beginning that your reputation is on the line and the recruiters are an extension of your brand? Letting a recruiter loose in the market with little or no knowledge of what they’re really looking for can lead to candidates wasting their own time and yours. The candidate experience is very much something that you need to influence to make it as seamless and professional as possible. This starts with approaching the right people and not wasting the time of candidates who were never right to start with. Even though you may think that a bad experience reflects only on the recruiter, it also reflects on you because you partnered with that recruiter in the first place.

You don’t have to search the internet for very long to discover some pretty bad stories that candidates are only too happy to share for all to see. We don’t know whether a bad ‘review’ will stop other candidates from applying to your company, but we do know that candidates are definitely doing their research before applying so they could easily come across posts about bad experiences.

Onboarding your recruiters properly will ensure that they can give candidates the best experience, so whether they come to you through a partner, or direct, they are still getting a consistently good service.

Your internal recruitment team will thank you

Your own recruiters have to spend time briefing recruiters and answering questions at the beginning of a new supplier relationship. They’ll be delighted when you roll out your new supplier onboarding platform because this will free up a lot of their time in answering the inevitable questions that will arise whilst your new suppliers get up to speed. Additionally, they’ll receive less CVs and what they do receive will be more targeted due to the upfront education you’ve given your suppliers.

How can you achieve this?

The Onbrd solution is bespoke to your company, in your company branding and using either your own content, content we produce for you or a mix of the two. We’re able to onboard your new starters and/or your recruitment suppliers. Once the platform and the content are in place, you can send your new starters and suppliers there to learn all about your company. This journey and content are built to your exact requirements, so you have control over what is said and the key messages you want to get across. Contact us to find out how we can help you to supercharge your onboarding today.

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