Here’s Why No-One Learns Anything About Your Company From Your Website

As soon as your new starters know they’ve been successful with their new role, they’ll be super motivated to find out more about your company. There will be questions they hadn’t asked in their interviews, their friends and family may be asking questions that they can’t answer, and they’ll naturally want to know more about their new employer – you know how it goes.

So, after they’ve finished trawling Google with the finest of tooth combs, they jump back onto your website, only for it to fall far short of the answers they are now looking for.

Here’s why they won’t learn anything from your website…

There’s Nothing New On There…

Before being offered their new role with you, your new starter is already likely to have done their due diligence. Prior to their interview they’ll have wanted to be as current as possible with the latest news on your company, its history as well as where it’s going.

Unless you’ve suddenly uploaded entirely new website content, there isn’t going to be anything on your website which they hadn’t already digested. There’s also unlikely to be much on there that isn’t in the public domain, so in terms of really fulfilling the information needs of imminent new starters, your website wouldn’t get the job.

This is where Onbrd makes a huge difference to really connect you to your new starter while their motivation to learn is so high.

You’ll be able to provide all of the information your new recruits are likely to be interested in, based upon what you’ve learnt from the needs of previous new starters. Having all of this in one useful place specifically for them feels so much more inclusive than the limitations of a publicly available website.

You Won’t Want To Expose Your Company Information…

The alternative to a publicly available website is giving internal access to your website or intranet for your new recruits. This will give them the pertinent information to answer their questions before their first day, providing you have tailored some content specifically for that audience.

The downside to this is that openly offering your company information before your new starter has set foot through your door puts you at risk. Not all new starters actually start, so giving insider knowledge of a potentially confidential or commercially private nature to all of your new recruits puts your company into a vulnerable position.

Onbrd allows you total control over what information you will provide for your new starters and it’s separated from the company’s actual network. This way you’re only sharing what’s appropriate for your imminent starters without unnecessary exposure but still really satisfying their heightened urge to learn more about you.

Your Website Isn’t An Inclusive Experience…

The great thing about Onbrd is that it looks and feels like your company’s brand, but is still external to your company. It can be highly tailored to aesthetically reflect your company, but what’s also valuable is that your brand is more than a pretty logo. You’ll have an ethos, a way of doing things, a culture that starts with behaviours and attitude. There will be an approach that is unique to your company.

This isn’t the kind of information you can have openly on your website. Using Onbrd will endorse how you expect employees to engage and interact – it will teach them the company ways of doing things before their first day. This will really help them to feel part of your company culture and understand everything about you which isn’t necessarily role dependent, making them feel included before that daunting first day.

Your Company Website Isn’t Tailored Towards New Starters…

Whilst you can potentially tweak aspects of your website towards new starters, it’s likely to fall short of what your ‘new user’ will need. You’ll need your site to evolve as company information or processes change and it’s easy for this to be overlooked in the midst of a busy organisation. It’s more commonplace for a company website to deliver the more basic information and an intranet to provide additional internal information to support that. But like we discussed, you don’t want to let everyone loose on your internal information from the get go.

Onbrd can be tailored perfectly to fit the exact needs of your new starters. It can be used to answer those initial questions as well as to ease the employee through their first 100 days for instance. Providing a platform with controlled processes within it geared towards your new starter, such as giving further courses to complete after they start, can really keep the engagement up whilst actually helping towards a more familiarised employee starting with you too.

It’s easy to see how even the best company websites can still have quite a gap in meeting the needs of new starters. Providing the right information to a highly motivated new recruit is like fuelling a high powered race car – when they get to their start date they’re already primed and ready to go.

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