Here’s How To Stop Your New Starters Being Poached

We’ve all been there…

You interview tirelessly for a position you have available and you’re down to a small handful of extremely suitable candidates. You internalise for a while over which one to go for and just before you manage to turn yourself completely inside out, you settle on your perfect candidate.

The offer goes out.

The acceptance comes back.

Bingo you’re done! Get the best gin out!

Except it isn’t that simple is it? You may have identified the next model employee in the making, but the odds are that you were not the only decent employer in the running. So how do you stop a new starter becoming a non-starter?

How can you get their engagement and loyalty before they’ve even started their first day?

Here’s a few suggestions…

Treat New Starters Like An Employee As Soon As They’ve Signed The Dotted Line

Everybody likes a personal touch and they like to feel part of something even more. If your new starters feel like a number in a process, only a whiff of a more sociable environment from a competitor could render you starter-less.

Your new starters will have chosen your company for a reason and yes, money is often a factor but it’s very rarely the only factor in them choosing you. As soon as they’ve accepted your offer, connect with them and find ways of reminding them why they chose you. Reinforcing their decision to join you will strengthen their initial pride that they were successfully selected and actively chosen to be a part of your company.

Keep Them In The Loop During Their Notice Period

Going back to that ‘being part of something’ point – if you have any team events or social gatherings where the new starters could easily be included, invite them along. It’s a great way of breaking the ice so that not only do they have a few familiar faces on their first day, but they already feel like part of the team. That’s a very different place to silent notice periods.

Keep them up to date on any changes happening which will impact them, especially if it’s for the better – even more endorsement that they made the right choice when they said yes..

Minimise Guesswork

Most of us are far more aware that we all have inner voices these days which don’t actually mean we should be the leading part in The Shining. As accepting of them as we are, if we’re given any room for doubt, they have an absolute field party making us second guess ourselves and our decisions as we all know how much our psyche loves change.

Common concerns of a critical nature such as worrying they’re not going to be able to do the role, whether they’ll fit in or whether they’ve made the right decision could all undermine the strongest of decisions. Keeping the channels wide open for questions and two way communication will go a long way in allaying any fears or overactive guesswork trying to do their damage.

Don’t Leave Everything To HR

We say it with love, but sadly too many HR departments are under resourced yet it’s often the first introduction to the company that your new starters will face. Small slips such as a letter not going out to them, or hearing nothing at all until a few days before their start date, is enough to make anyone question whether your company values its staff.

And let’s face it – nobody is going to cherish that as their next big career move. Any new starter worth their salt will be eager to know more about their new company and role so it’s well worth utilising that enthusiasm while it’s hot.

With the power no longer being purely with the employers, your onboarding process is more crucial than ever in ensuring the talent that you attract sees an equal in their employer. You really can’t afford to misfire at this stage so if you’d like to discuss a tailor made onboarding process to keep your fantastic prospects fired up, get in touch.

Candidates are desperate for knowledge about your company – why aren’t you giving it to them?

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