Candidates Are Desperate For Knowledge About Your Company. Why Aren’t You Giving It To Them?

We all know that feeling of getting a huge surge of excitement over something and almost not knowing what to do with it…

You’re getting married!

You smashed your exams!

Your football team won the league!

Whatever the celebration may be, that huge rush of energy is all consuming and you want to shout your results from the rooftops!

But when you’ve finished running around like the world’s happiest headless chicken, you need somewhere for that energy to go. You want to enjoy the feeling while it lasts so you look at who else you can tell and how else you can keep the momentum going – it feels good!

This is exactly the same scenario for your new starters.

If they’ve been offered a great new opportunity with you, they’ll no doubt do the headless chicken run for a while, then they’ll need to do something else to keep the buzz going. Waiting until your new starters have started to engage with them is as good as severing the poor happy chicken’s head yourself.

Here’s why it’s so important to keep the excitement of their job offer going…

Cash In On The Piqued Interest

Your new starter has already put faith in you being their best choice – hence their excitement. There will be aspects of your business that they love, so it’s only natural that they’ll want to know LOTS more while their attention is focused on you.

If you were there in person, you would be able to hear their comments and capitalise on them. For example they say they love charity work but in the interview process it hadn’t come up that your company has a charitable structure – you tell them and they’re super happy to be part of an organisation sharing their values. All these small factors can really endorse their decision and fuel their excitement that they’re making the right choice in you.

As you can’t be there in person, the next best thing is a source of all these snippets for your new starters to absorb while they’re so interested.

Feed Their Hungry Mind

It’s so frustrating coming away from a pertinent conversation with somebody and thinking ‘Oh – I wish I’d asked XYZ’ isn’t it?

If you’ve chosen well, your new starter is likely to be literally champing at the bit to know more about what they’re coming into. They’ll have done their initial research from the perspective of an interviewee, but the information they’ll have studied beforehand will be from the ‘public knowledge’ perspective.

Now that they’re part of your organisation, they’ll have an army of questions from their new perspective. Having a source of information for them where they can actively seek out this information will really help to integrate them while they are so highly motivated and remind them of what they’re now part of.

Waiting Is Such A Passion Killer

We don’t need to go into too much detail here on what having to wait for something you’re excited about does to that passion for it!

Try telling a toddler to wait for their lollipop,

Make a puppy ‘sit’ a little longer for their treat,

Or tell an amorous lover ‘maybe tomorrow’.

You can hear the sizzle now can’t you, as you pour the virtual ice cold water over their burning desire.

This is exactly what having to ‘wait’ for their start date does to your new starters.

Giving your new employees a source of information to start learning about you to familiarise themselves with your company way before their first day, takes the agonising wait out of their pre-start period.

Break Down The New Starter Overwhelm

Once the decision has landed, your new starters can often start to doubt themselves.

Did they blag their new job?

Will they be able to do it?

Will they even fit in?

Providing a great source of information on what happens with new starters, addressing their concerns (and affirming it’s all normal!) is the difference between the doubts taking over or their worries being put to rest. Having information available will also help to break down their learning curve too – saving everything until their one or two day induction course is enough to make anyone’s head pop – let them learn some of it beforehand if they wish to.

There’s so much information to introduce to your new starters that it can be very easy to forget just how much you ‘throw at them’ when they join you.

Having an inclusive onboarding process to transition them into your organisation is so much more than just a source of information. As corny as it sounds, it’s the virtual ‘Welcome’ before the ‘On Board’ as you’re allowing your new starters to enjoy being part of their new job straight away.

If you’d like to discuss how we can create a tailor made onboarding process to include your passionate prospects straight away, get in touch.

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