5 reasons why investing in an onboarding platform could be your smartest move

There’s no doubt about it, onboarding is a polarising subject. I remember having a heated argument about it when I worked for a global company a few years ago.

The person I was talking to was adamant that onboarding was a process that started on day one. I argued to the contrary, that it should start as soon as someone accepts an offer of employment.

He thought I was being ridiculous, but I knew then and I know now, that onboarding can solve a lot of problems in the recruitment process.

Here’s how…

1. It gets massive engagement from new starters

To start with, consider the two options. Option one, do nothing. Once you have made an offer and the candidate has accepted, you send no further information, there’s no contact until the person walks through the door on their first day.

Option two, use a bespoke onboarding platform. Once the offer is accepted, you send a welcome email with a login to your branded onboarding platform. The candidate is impressed, but there’s much more to it than that.

They can learn on your platform. Learn more about your company. About your culture. They can virtually meet the people, you can even have live webinar ‘check points’ which work especially well with large cohorts such as graduate intakes.

Moreover, you can start to teach them about your products and services. They’ll start to feel part of the company, one of you, rather than being an outsider waiting to get in. And when those recruiters come knocking, which they will, your candidate will confidently say ‘no thanks’, because they know they have made the right decision in joining your company.

2. It cuts down on people accepting and then not joining which cuts down on recruitment costs

This one is a no-brainer. It is widely known that it costs £35,000 to replace an employee. That’s a lot of money. Recruitment fees alone average in the region of £5,000. Then there’s the cost of people’s time to interview candidates, sort paperwork, order laptops, get things in place.

It makes perfect sense to have constant contact with candidates during their notice period, but no-one has time for that. With an onboarding solution, this is all taken care of. New starters are brought into your company in a structured way, where they feel valued and you can build the excitement and lessen their nerves leading up to their big day.

The result is more people sticking with the process and less people falling by the wayside and costing you money.

3. It makes your brand more attractive in the marketplace

You know that candidates talk about their experience with your recruitment process. You know they tell their friends, they go online and tell people everything. You can leave this to chance, or you can take control and manage the entire process from acceptance right through to start date and beyond.

When you have a proper onboarding process and a platform on which to engage new starters, it does wonders for your employer brand.

4. It’ll raise your profile internally as someone who is on the ball

From a personal point of view, it will score you points if you’re the one to implement an onboarding solution and solve many of the problems associated with the recruitment process. When your recruitment satisfaction scores start to go up, who do you think will get the kudos? You of course.

As well as making perfect sense for your new starters, it makes sense for you as well to remove the headaches and iron out the wrinkles in your process. Your new starters will thank you for it and so will your boss when she gets glowing reports of the improvements you have made.

5. New starters are more effective on day one which means better ROI from recruitment spend

Normally, new starters arrive on day one and spend an amount of time getting ‘up to speed’. This can vary, but it’s widely accepted that time to competence is at least a few weeks for a relatively straightforward job, or can be months for more complicated roles.

You can shortcut this process by engaging, educating and entertaining your new starters whilst they are between acceptance and start date. Instead of someone coming in not knowing much about your company or products, new starters who have been nurtured by your onboarding platform will be informed, confident and itching to add value.

At Onbrd.co.uk, Our onboarding solutions are tailor made for you. From your company branding to your own bespoke versions of our onboarding modules, everything is put in place to ensure that your new starters are the most motivated and productive.

Talk to us today about how we can help you.

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